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Welcome to A1 Devices Technology, your number one source for all ICT Products. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of ICT Solutions, with a focus on dependability, customer service and uniqueness.

A1 Devices Technology is one of the fastest growing privately owned Networking and Storage equipment dealers in the UK/EU/US and EMEA regions and the largest independent reseller of Cisco, Juniper and HP networking accessories in the world! With an extreme focus on using technology to better reach and service our customers, and to streamline processes, we have quickly become one of the most efficient and bespoken companies in our industry. This has given us an edge above the competition and allows us to move quickly into new market segments and quickly claim our market share.

Through our fundamental core focus in Networking & Storage related products we have established ourselves in a niche market that has given us strong roots in our industry. We continue to build both our core and auxiliary product lines such as networking accessories, power products, and rack hardware related items. We are also constantly exploring and considering many new product lines as well.

Business Philosophy

Trust is earned and relationships are built through day to day performances

Business Philosophies That Separate The Wise From The Smart ...

Our Vision

To become one of the top IT Suppliers in UAE with unique attributes, harmonized by quality products in competitive prices, excellent work ethics, and values that foster human potential

Our Mission

  • Use of modern technology to better reach and serve our customers at competitive prices while remaining all time competitive.
  • To find new markets for our business and extend our global footprint while maintaining control.
  • To further build our core and auxiliary product lines including networking accessories, power products and rack hardware related items.

Our Approach:

A1 Devices Technology –

We constantly talk to our partners, suppliers, staff and most importantly you to benefit from the real sustained core business values.

Our Team:

  • All our Account Managers are equipped with industry knowledge to discuss projects and offer professional advice to ensure that you get the correct IT products to drive your business forward.
  • Well trained and educated support staff to provide friendly, unbiased advice designed to help you avoid making expensive mistakes.
  • Hassle-free IT purchasing; your dedicated account manager can assist you in all aspects of your IT procurement; from sourcing products to organizing international/local deliveries.
  • Free Credit Account from the moment you become a Premier Account Holder with us: this is subject to approval after a credit and background check by us – Means, you buy first and pay later after valuable time slots of 7, 15 or 30 days,  giving you such a leverage to manage your cash flows.

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