Product Detail: Sun Micro 003-0508-01 – Ultrium-2 – 200GB/400GB LTO Data Tape Cartridge

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The Sun LTO-2 003-0508-01 tape 200 GB native capacity and 400 GB compressed capacity. This 003-0508-01 tape cartridge is purple in color. The main reason for the increase in capacity for the LTO-2 003-0508-01 capacity over the LTO-1 tape is due to the increase in the number of tracks from 384 to 512. The transfer rate for the 003-0508-01 LTO-2 tape is 40 MB/s native and 80 MB/s compressed.

Product Description Sun Micro 003-0508-01 Ultrium-2 LTO Data Tape Cartridge, 200GB/400GB
Type Storage media – LTO Ultrium
Native Capacity 200 GB
Compressed Capacity 400 GB
Tape Length 609 m
Recording Standard Ultrium 2
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