• Product Detail: Sun 003-3865-01 – 1/2Inch 9840 20GB Color Lbl ASCII Tape Cartridge
  • Availability: In stock

Your current 9940 cartridges, used with your T9940A tape drive, can be rewritten with the T9940B tape drive, enabling you to triple your tape-storage capacity without acquiring new media.

General Specification:
Product Description Sun 1/2Inch 9840 20GB
Media Included Qty 1
Archival life 15–30 years
Short-length durability 80,000 write/read passes minimum
Long-length durability 6,500 write/read passes minimum (361 full file write/read passes minimum)
Uncorrected bit error rate 1×10-18
Loads/unloads 10,000 minimum
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