Product Detail: Exabyte 00558 – 8mm 225M 60/150GB Tape Cartridge

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Exabyte 00558 tape has width of 8mm and tape length of 225 Meter, native data storage capacity of 60GB and 150GB of compressed data storage. Features include Anti static coating and Advanced Metal Evaporated (AME). Formulated specifically for Exabyte Mammoth tape technology drives, Advanced Metal Evaporated (AME) tape offers expanded recording capacity and low abrasiveness, reducing mechanical wear. AME magnetic material is vertically aligned. this unique orientation and the absence of binder components on the media enable AME’s higher capacity and superior signal strength. AME’s specially formulated back coating dramatically reduces the build-up of static electricity and debris, greatly reducing the chance of read/write errors. With varying capacities and a lifetime warranty, AME is truly superior media. Exabyte 00558 with smart clean automatically cleans tape periodically giving it an edge over all other products.

Device Type Storage media – 8mm tape
Media Included Qty 1
Native Capacity 60 GB
Compressed Capacity 150 GB
Tape Length 225 m
Tape Width 8 mm
Features Advance Metal Evaporated (AME)
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