Product Detail: Imation 11776 tape Cartridge DLT-4 – 40 GB / 80 GB

Network and data centers demand a rugged, reliable product to support operations from backup, restore, and archive to copy and distribution. Imation DLTtape IV Cartridges offer enhanced features to ensure superior performance. Cartridges have been certified to meet or exceed all ANSI and ECMA standards for use with DLT 4000, 7000, 8000, and DLT 1/VS 80 drives.

Product Name Imation DLT-IV 40GB/80GB Backup Tape
Tape Technology DLT – DLTtapeIV
Tape Length 1828 ft
Tape Length 1780 ft Storage
Tape Width 0.498 “
Media Coating Metal Particle (MP)
Drive Support DLTtapeIV
Storage/Archival Life 30 Year(s)


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