Product Detail: Maxell 200028 – DDS-4 Tape Cartridge

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As a charter member of the Digital Data Storage Group (DDS), Maxell’s 4mm data cartridges feature the Media Recognition System (MRS), which allows the drive sys-tem to detect the presence of data grade tape. Maxell uses only the finest quality magnetic media to meet the strictest specifications for a minimal dropout rate. Maxell then processes this media in a Class 10 clean room where it is certified for data recording purposes. To protect the fine metal particles in the magnetic layer of the tape, Maxell invented the ceramic coating process. Maxell’s ceramic coating acts as a protective armor against heat, humidity and eventual oxidation. The result is a tape durable enough to withstand at least 2, 000 passes with an archival life of up to 30 years. All Maxell 4mm data cartridges feature Maxell’s unique Safe-T-Lock, a hub-locking mechanism that ensures proper tape tension and prevents misthreading during the initial loading stage.

Product Name Maxell 200028 DDS-4 Tape Cartridge
Product Type Storage media – DDS4-DAT
Media Included Qty 1
Native Capacity 20 GB
Compressed Capacity 40 GB
Tape Width 4 mm
Tape Legth 150 m
Recording Standard DDS-4
Package Type Retail
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