Product Detail: TDK D2404-CC – LTO Ultrium Cleaning Cartridge

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The D2404-CCAX is an LTO cleaning cartridge. Although the D2404-CCAX is stated to be a UCC (Universal Cleaning Cartridge), a closer look at the product description reveals that the compatibility only extends so far as LTO-3 tape drives and autoloaders and does not encompass LTO-4 tape drives and auto-libraries. This may be however due to lack of updates for the D2404-CCAX page on the TDK site. For full compatibility of the D2404-CCAX with LTO tape drives and autoloaders a firmware upgrade may be required on some of the older tape drives.

Product Name TDK LTO Ultrium Cleaning Cartridge
Product Type Cleaning Cartridge
Packaged Quantity 1
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