Product Detail: Sony DGD-125P – DDS-3 Tape Cartridge


Sony DDS-3 4mm 125M 12/24GB Tape cartridges are the most cost-effective solution for backing up small to mid-size applications. This 4mm DDS tape cartridge is 125 meters long and stores 12GB of uncompressed data and 24GB of compressed data. Sony DDS-3 4mm 125M 12/24GB Tape last up to 1,000 write/rewrite cycles, feature a heat resistant shell that withstands high temperature, a anti-static shell that attracts less dust and helps maintain low error rates, and internal components that are designed to reduce torque and provide better drive compatibility. They come in tough polypropylene storage cases.

General Specification:
Description Sony DGD-125P DDS-3 Tape Cartridge
Media Type Storage Media – DDS-3
Media Quantity 1
Native Storage Capacity 12 GB
Compressed Storage Capacity 24 GB
Tape Length 125 m
Tape Width 4 mm
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