Product Detail: Quantum MR-L2MQN-01 – 200/400GB LTO-2 Backup Tape (New Retail Pack)


The Quantum MR-L2MQN-01 is an LTO-2 Ultrium tape. Like all LTO-2 Ultrium tapes, the MR-L2MQN-01 has a 200 GB native and a 400 GB compressed capacity. Transfer rates for the MR-L2MQN-01 are 40 MB/s native and 80 MB/s compressed. LTO tapes also feature a non-contact flash based memory chip known as the LTO-CM (Linear Tape Open Cartridge Memory). The MR-L2MQN-01 also features an LTO-CM of 4 Kb capacity that stores cartridge related information and that can be read using an LTO-CM reader. Users can track past history, errors, etc of the tape cartridge by using a LTO Cartridge Memory Reader. The Quantum LTO-2 MR-L2MQN-01 is compatible with LTO-2, LTO-3 and LTO-4 (read only) tape drives and auto-libraries only. It is not compatible with LTO-1 tape drives and auto-loaders.

Product Name Quantum LTO-2 Data Cartridge
Product Type Storage media
Native Capacity 200 GB
Compressed Capacity 400 GB
Recording Standard LTO-2
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