Product Detail: Quantum MR-LUCQN-01 – LTO Ultrium Cleaning Cartridge


The MR-LUCQN-01 is a UCC (Universal Cleaning Cartridge) for use with LTO tape drives. The MR-LUCQN-01 is compatible with all LTO tape drives (LTO-1, LTO-2, LTO-3 and LTO-4). Cleaning tapes are recommended for regular use with all tape drives and auto-libraries regardless of format or brand. This is because debris accumulates on the tape drive’s heads with use even if there is automated self-cleaning available. This debris or dirt needs to be removed else it will impede the drive’s reading/writing capabilities.

Product Description Quantum LTO Ultrium Cleaning Cartridge
Product Type Cleaning Cartridge
Storage Capacity 1500GB/ (Native)/3000GB (Compressed)
Tape Technology LTO Ultrium
Height 0.9″
Width 4.2″
Depth 4″
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