Product Detail: Sony 8mm 60/150GB Tape Cartridge


Sony’s QGD225ME is an 8mm Mammoth 2 format tape cartridge. It has a tape length of 225 meters which enables a native data storage capacity of 60GB that can be expanded up to 150GB when compressed. It features the use of AME (Advance Metal Evaporated) technology to get the maximum recording performance and Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating on the tape that makes it more reliable and durable. The tape cartridge is enclosed in a heat resistant anti-static shell to withstand high-temperature and dust which helps the device in maintaining lower error-rates. The Sony QGD225ME comes sealed in a transparent plastic casing which helps prevent dust and static accumulation.

Device Type Storage media – 8mm tape
Media Included Qty 1
Native Capacity 60 GB
Compressed Capacity 150 GB
Tape Length 225 m
Tape Width 8 mm
Features Advance Metal Evaporated (AME)


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