Product Detail: Sony AIT-2 36GB/93GB Backup Tape


The AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) format is one of Sony’s latest innovation in fast-access, high-density tape recording technology. SDX2-36C is an AIT-2 (Advanced Intelligent Tape) 8mm data tape cartridge by Sony. It has a 16 Kb memory chip and a tape of length 170 meters which allows it to store 36 GB (uncompressed) and 72 GB (compressed) data. AIT2 SDX2-36C has 36 GB native capacity and is compatible with all AIT-1 drives and AIT-2 drives. AIT-2 8mm Sony SDX2-36C tape cartridge features both an MIC chip (a built-in flash memory chip that stores directory and operational information which you might call the brains of the tape) and a pure metal magnetic layer designed for maximum capacity and longevity (the brawn).

Product Name Sony AIT-2 36GB/93GB Backup Tape
Product Type 8mm (AIT-2)
Capacity Uncompressed 36 GB
Capacity w/Compression 93 GB
Number of Sides 1
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