Product Detail: Quantum THXKE-01 – DLT-3 XT Tape Cartridge



Quantum’s THXKE01 DLT-III XT is a Digital linear Tape 3 XT (DLT-3 XT) format tape cartridge. It has a 557 meters tape length which enables a native data storage capacity of 15GB that can be expanded up to 30GB when compressed. It features the use of an accurate patented tape leader which delivers consistent tape motion while a special tape and reel locking mechanism prevents tape slack. The Quantum THXKE-01 tape cartridge has a long storage life of over 30 years and can be used for up to 1,000,000 head passes.

Product Name Quantum DLT-III-XT Backup Tape 15/30GB
Manufacturer Quantum
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