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A1 Devices Technology LLC – One of  UAE’s most reliable IT partners helping customers achieve best returns from their Data Centre Collaborations, Unified Communications, Telepresence, Network Security, Wireless & LAN Solutions, Storage and Networking systems  – all backed up by leading implementation and support practices.

The success or failure of an IT Strategy lies in the competency of the people engineering its network infrastructure. If every company had an endless budget to spend on its IT Department, we would all be boasting of the latest technology or the most up to date gadgets. However, in the real world, the magic of a good infrastructure design lies with the ability to be able to get the best out of the budget available. We have the required skills, knowledge, experience and valuable resources in place to make sure that you get the best out of your IT environment regardless of the budget.

How can we help?

Our specialists will meet with you to discuss what you want to achieve from your network infrastructure. We can share our technical knowledge and advice on how you can achieve your IT objectives in the most efficient and cost-effective manner – a service that very often saves our customers time and money.

Furthermore, our multi-vendor relationships can ensure that we will always specify the best products for your needs. Whether you are looking at a single site solution or upgrading a global infrastructure or simply upgrading an individual component – we will deliver our expert advice

Our approach: What you get:
We address your requirements by:Discussing your aims and issues fully – with the help of one free onsite consultation whenever required.Assessing your plans– it all starts with asking the right questions and ensuring that your plan will work in practice.Investigating your existing Infrastructure – based on this, we can lay our recommendations for a redesign, enhancement, upgrade or replacement.Design and plan a solution that caters to your needs-drawing on our expert knowledge, specialist skills and vendor-independent approach.Bill of Material (BOM) formation – suggesting the right components required to achieve your goal with best prices from reputable vendors.Solution Implementation – Hardware & Software.Support & Maintenance – advising the right practices to ensure that your system keeps up and Running all the time. By choosing our services, you can avail: Business continuity and disaster recovery planning to minimize down-times.Technology lifecycle planning – while suggesting a solution, we always keep in mind future needs of your enterprise.Capacity planning – we very well understand that requirements grow with the businesses, that’s how we come up with the thought to avoid hefty changes while suggesting scalable solutions.Data center interconnect and transport, server and geographical load balancing for your data warehousing and traffic management needs.IP-based video and voice network design and planning: gives you quite an edge over you competition by cutting the traditional cost of running your business.Regional, national, and international IP, Internet, and optical network connectivity for research, academic, and business applications.

Our collaborative approach ensures a seamless implementation whether you require Unified Communications, BYOD, Cisco TelePresence, Network Security, Data Centre, Storage or Wireless solutions, the comprehensive portfolio of support services designed to enable, ensure and enhance your network.

By integrating our products and services, our customers enjoy unsurpassed level of interoperability, performance and return on investment. With all the right technologies, ideas and implementation practices brought together for you; our team of experts holding the industry’s most advanced accreditations and extensive experience, you’ll be ready to implement your Data Centre and Networking vision with total confidence.

We currently have Cisco, IBM and HP certified engineers and system architects who can help you meet your required IT Network design and implementation objectives.

For further information please Email us or call at +97150 5430060 to discuss your specific requirements.

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