RMA Services

If you are facing an issue with any product bought from us – our first advice to you is, before returning the product, please contact us to discuss the issues. 95% of the time, we are able to sort out the problem by providing Technical Support – without you having to send anything back.

If there are irremediable defects with the devices, you can return them back to us for repair or replacement under our twelve months warranty. To report a faulty item, please email our Customer Service Department at [email protected]we will get back to you on this within 24 hours.

What happens next?

We will offer you a return code and our return address, along with additional important instructions. Generally we advise you to return faulty goods by sending them through the Post Office rather than using couriers like DHL, UPS, and TNT. Normally it will take 2 weeks to return goods to us by Post Office.

Note: If you did not buy your product directly from A1devices.com, you will need to contact the vendor who sold it to you

TIP: Please do not send faulty goods back without discussing with us. It is very hard for us to handle a package without any necessary order information. We will also give you some instructions for returning goods from your country to Abu Dhabi, UAE.

For further information please Email us or call at +97150 5430060 to discuss your specific requirements.

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