Product Detail: Imation 3490E – 11660 BW (810MB – 1100′)

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The Imation 11660 is a cartridge for use in enterprise level solutions and is for use with 3480, 3490E and 3490EL tape drives. This version (product code 11660) also features options for adding bar-codes and initialization. In all other aspects the Imation 11660 is similar to a Black Watch 3490 tape cartridge. The Imation 11660 has a capacity of 810 MB native.

General Specification:
Product Description Imation 3490E BW (810MB – 1100′) C BCL & INT
Features Up to 1GB capacity
Proprietary backcoating protects against damage & absorbs debris
Precision tape spooling ensures even tape winding & improved tape stacking
Deep recessed label area & finger grips make cartridges easy to store & handle
Exclusive FlashGard™ welding process traps debris & isolates it from the tape pack
Dimensions(mm) 122.0mmx 107.0mm x25.4mm
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