Product Detail: Imation 3590E Black Watch 20GB Cartridge

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This Imation Black Watch 3590E tape cartridge is pre-labeled and Initialized. 20GB native / up to 60GB compressed capacity Length: 2070′ Proprietary backcoating that ensures your valuable data stays safe Advanced metal particulate media formulation for long-lasting, high-quality recording Certified 128-track, 256-track, or 384-track recording capability for precise data reading/writing & proper tracking for the entire length of tape Servo writing excellence.

General Specification:
Product Description Imation 3590E BW Tape Cartridge
Type Magstar 3570 – Model C XL
Substrate PET
Capacity “B” Model (128 track) 10GB
“E” Model (256 track) 20GB
“H” Model (384 track) 30GB
Length 320 meters
Thickness Substrate 0.56 mils nominal (14.2 microns)
Total 0.63 mils nominal (16.0 microns)
Durability Long Length Test mode of 400 full file read-while-write passes .
Short Length Test mode of 120,000+ Tread-forward passes read-forward passes.
Environmental Parameters:
Toxicity Non-hazardous to human health in anticipated use
Flammability Self-extinguishing per UL94
Operating Conditions 15°C to 32°C°C,20% RH to 80% RH;
26°C wet bulb maximum
Storage Conditions 4°C to 32 °C,5% RH to 80% RH;
27°C wet bulb maximum
Transportation Conditions of Tape (10 days maximum) -23°C to 49°C,5% RH to 80% RH;
27°C wet bulb maximum with no condensation
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