Product Detail: FUJI 3590 – 26400012 – Magstar Extended High Performance Cartridge

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High-performance magnetic particles are essential to high capacity, high speed, and high reliability. Ever since Fujifilm became the first Japanese manufacturer to produce computer memory tapes in 1965, we have led the industry in high-density recording tape technology. Fujifilm 3590 tape utilizes EX Fine Metallix magnetic particles that are a product of our long experience in metal magnetic technology development. Offering high retentivity and magnetic density, they boast significantly higher magnetic energy than conventional magnetic particles, and together with our ultra-smooth tape base and surface optimization technologies, ensure high output and low noise in the high-frequency band.

General Specification:
Product Description Fujifilm 3590J Magstar High Performance Cartridge
Type Storage Media-Data Cartridge
Media Qty Included 1
Drive Supported 3590
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