Product Detail: Imation 3490E – 45853 Royal Guard Tape

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The 45853 is an enterprise level or data center tape. The Imation 45853 Royal Guard tape is a direct replacement for the discontinued Imation Black Watch 3490E tape cartridges. The 45853 has a capacity of 810 MB and has bar-code label and initialization options. In all other aspects the 45853 is the same as a standard Imation Royal Guard 3490E tape cartridge. The proprietary backcoating available in the 45853 protects against damage from static charges and absorbs debris as well.

General Specification:
Product Description Imation 3490e Rg Tape Cartridge
Substrate PET (Polyethylene terephthalate)
Thickness Backcoated
Substrate 0.52 mils nominal (13.2 microns)
Magnetic coating 0.10 mils nominal (2.5 microns
) Nonmagnetic backcoating 0.04 mils nominal (1.0 microns)
Total 0.66 mils nominal (16.8 microns)
Substrate 0.44 mils nominal (11.6 microns)
Total 0.53 mils nominal (28 microns)
Durability Long Length 2,000+ read-forward passes
Short Length 120,000+ read-forward passes
Environmental Parameters:
Operating Conditions 15°C to 32°C,20% RH to 80% RH;
26°C wet bulb maximum
Storage Conditions of recorded tape (4 weeks maximum) 4°C to 32°C,5% RH to 80% RH;
27°C wet bulb maximum
Transportation Conditions of Unrecorded Tape (10 days maximum) -23°C to 49°C,5% RH to 80% RH;
27°C wet bulb maximum with no condensation
Transportation Conditions of Recorded Tape (10 days maximum) 4°C to 38°C,5% RH to 80% RH;
26°C wet bulb maximum with no condensation
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