Product Detail: Sony QGD-225ME – 8mm 225M 60/150GB Tape Cartridge


Sony QGD-225ME tape width of 8mm and 225 Meter tape length. Has a native capacity of 60GB and 150GB of compressed data storage. Sony QGD-225ME tape has several advanced features that help it stand out in Data Media Devices. The Sony QGD-225ME uses AME (Advance Metal Evaporated) technology to get the maximum recording performance. This tape cartridge also uses high-density alloy metal particles which result in fewer errors and better archival stability. The QGD-225ME uses Sony’s High Cross Linkage (HCL) technology which enables it to maintain its performance levels for up to 1500 passes. The QGD-225ME is enclosed in a heat resistant shell to withstand high-temperature, it attracts less dust because it uses a anti-static shell which thus helps the device in maintaining lower error-rates. Another really important feature is the Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating on the tape that makes it tough thus making it more reliable and durable.

Device Type Storage media – 8mm tape
Media Included Qty 1
Native Capacity 60 GB
Compressed Capacity 150 GB
Tape Length 225 m
Tape Width 8 mm
Features Advance Metal Evaporated (AME)
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