Product Detail: Sony SDX3-100W – AIT-3 100GB/260GB Backup WORM Tape

Sony AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) format is intelligently engineered to stand apart – no other tape cartridge features both an MIC chip (the brains) and a pure metal magnetic layer designed for maximum capacity and longevity (the brawn). Designed for the AIT-3 format, the SDX3-100W cartridge offers a massive 100GB native capacity, 260GB compressed. Transfer rate is an-ultra-fast 12MB/s native, 31MB/s compressed when using an AIT-3 drive.

Product Name Sony AIT-3 AME 100GB WRITE ONCE WORM (5 PK)
Product Type Storage media – AIT
Media Included Qty 5
Native Capacity 100 GB
Compressed Capacity 260 GB
Tape Length 230 m
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