Product Detail: Sony SDX5-400C AIT-5 246m 400/1040GB Tape Cartridge


Sony SDX5-400C AIT-5 has a tape width of 8mm and 246 Meter tape length. Native data capacity of 400GB and 1040GB compressed data storage. AIT-5 has R-MIC(Remote Memory IN Casset) which simplifies media management and helps retrieve data in library environment. The tape surface is protected by a hard carbon layer made of DLC, Sony SDX5-400C AIT-5 Diamond Like Carbon film. This is almost as hard as a diamond. With Advanced Metal Evaporated (AME) technology, a pure metal magnetic layer is deposited directly on the base film without adhesives or binder. AIT-5 uses the new AME III coating, technology improving upon its predecessor AME II. It minimizes the magnetic particles and further high packing has been possible . With this technology, high output and low noise can be realized which lead the maximum performance for GMR (Giant Magnetic Resistance) head newly introduced into AIT-5.

Type Storage media – AIT
Tape Cartridge AIT-3
Media Included Qty 1
Native Capacity 400 GB
Compressed Capacity 1040 GB
Transfer Rates(Native) 24MB/s
Features Advance Metal Evaporated (AME) III
Tape Width (mm) 8 mm
Tape Thickness (µm) 4.8µm
Tape Length 246 m
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