Product Detail: Sony – S-AIT 1 – 500 GB / 1.3 TB


Sony’s introduction of its high-capacity SAIT technology represents a leap in capability, compared to current tape technologies, and effectively addresses the expected convergence in the cost per gigabyte of tape versus low-cost, high-capacity disk products. SAIT tape technology is designed to address all of these requirements and the release of the first generation of SAIT is a demonstration of Sony’s commitment and unique capability to meet industry roadmap requirements. In fact, Sony holds the distinction of being one of the only tape drive manufacturers to demonstrate, develop, and internally source all critical components of its tape technology. With the potential to scale up to 10TB of native capacity on a single cartridge, SAIT will target high-capacity, high-performance storage demands, and thereby maintain tape’s competitive advantage against disk technology. The release of the SAIT family complements Sony’s existing AIT product line and positions Sony to serve backup and archival storage markets from desktop to the largest enterprise applications. SAIT provides a feature-rich product line derived from Sony’s 50-year innovation and leadership in tape recording technology.

Type Storage media – AIT
Tape Cartridge AIT-3
Media Included Qty 1
Native Capacity 500 GB
Compressed Capacity 1.3 TB
Tape Length 600 m
Recording Standard SAIT-1
Features Advance Metal Evaporated (AME)
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